When will you make more products/styles? How about more sizes (plus size, petite, and tall)?

As a one-woman operation, and a new business, this is going to take some time to happen, and it will be much slower than you're probably used to from more established companies. Additionally, as a company with slow fashion values, our mission is to provide high-quality, locally made products that you will love to wear and that stand the test of time. That means we're going to take the time to make our current line-up the best that it can be before expanding our offerings. Also, we are prioritizing making our current products more widely available, (by expanding our size range), before offering more products.

Will you make men's scrubs?

Yes, we are planning to offer the Original Jogger and No V Tee in men's sizing. We don't have a launch date for that yet, but we have sold each of those products to men who fit our current size offerings, so that could be an option in the meantime. You can check out our size charts here

Do you ever have sales or discounts?

Our products will rarely if ever go on sale or be discounted. This is because our mission to provide high-quality products that are made in Canada, at prices that are reasonably accessible means that we do not mark-up our products nearly as much as traditional retailers. We are willing to do this because we believe in the importance of responsible, local manufacturing.

Where do you ship?

We ship across Canada at the flat rate of $18. If your order is over $150 before tax, you qualify for free shipping. We do not ship outside of Canada at this time. Find more info about shipping here.

What is the best care for my scrubs?

Best practice is washing your scrubs in cold water and tumble drying on low. Hanging your scrubs up once they're clean will help keep them wrinkle free, but we've found that the pants do well folded too.

Are your plastic mailers recyclable?

Yes, they are Recyclable #4. In BC they can be recycled at Recycle BC Depots. Please confirm the recycling programs in your province/town.

Do you offer returns and exchanges?

Yes, we do. Contact us within 15-days after you receive your order to initiate a return or exchange. Details about return and exchange requirements and qualifications can be found here.